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"Tell the truth and then run." - Proverb

New Adult?

After watching this video, I have come to the conclusion that Breathe is New Adult. I am not mad about it, but it makes me wonder where my book will sit on shelves. My MC is too old to be in the YA section, because she's nineteen, but I am left wondering if she is too young to be in the General Fiction section. I have no intention of changing her age because there is a job she takes, after going to college that she would not be able to take if she was still in high school. And to be honest, I am too lazy to start the story when she is in high school and follow her until she graduates college and gets her first job. It's a good idea but it's not what the story is about.

Also, when it comes to reading I tend to stick to the YA section because there aren't any books that have characters in their early twenties, or at least none that I can find. All the adult characters are stuggling with marriage, divorce, children, or a combination of all three. I am a twenty-three year old female who is trying to figure out her life.

Where are the stories about me? I'm going to write them.

About A Book
This post is about a book. Not my book, but a book nonetheless. But before I go on and on about this book, let me just say that I have been writing/editing/rewriting Breathe every day this month.

Now on to book #13, Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin. I only recently started reading this, so I have not finished it, let alone made it half way yet, but I do have to say something about it. Yesterday, I read something about how in 1963 a high school student was sick of looking for the symbols in books and decided to go "straight to the source" to find out if the authors intentionally wrote in symbols for readers to notice. Some authors said they did so intentionally and others said no, it was an accident.

After reading this post it got me thinking differently as I read Elsewhere. Elsewhere is about a fifteen-year-old girl named Liz who dies and goes to Elsewhere. Before I started writing this entry, I wondered if Zevin believes in the afterlife. Oddly enough, I flipped to the back of the book and saw a series of questions. The last question asked, "What would readers be most surprised to learn about you?" Zevin's response: "Assuming they'd read Elsewhere, they'd probably be surprised to know how much I don't care about the afterlife. The way I really feel about it is 'que sera, sera.'" Well, there's my answer. But I'm still left wondering is all this talk about the afterlife intentional or is it just some idea Zevin had in her head that she wanted to get down on paper.

On page 70 there is a statement that jumped out at me. It is "People die. People are born. People die again. Each birth and death is a little circle, and the sum of all those little circles is a life and a line." Is it a symbol for the circle of life? It is a symbol for reencarnation? Or is it just a statement in the book?

In school we were taught to read between the lines, think critically. We were asked, just like that high school student, to find the symbols in a passage and what the point of a book was. I think that everyone reads books differently. I think that each person gets something different out of a book, depending on what is going on in that person's life. I think the point of reading books is to get something out of it that could change the way you think, and maybe even the way you live your life. Unfortunately, in school, students are told to look for a specific symbol in a novel, and if they don't pick "the right one", they're wrong. But maybe they were just seeing the passage in a different way.

In conclusion? I'm not really sure if any of this made sense. If I had to pick a point, it would be to read for pure enjoyment but also try to see the intentional or unintentional symbols within books. It doesn't matter what other people get out of a book, what matters is that you get something out of it.

Happy reading!

Book #12 and Rewriting
Rewriting my novel is just about the worst idea I have had in my life. Okay, that's a lie. I've done one other thing in my life that I regret more than rewriting Breathe, but this comes in at a very close second. Either way, I've committed to rewriting so that is what I am going to do.

Book #12 was Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. After reading it, I decided that same night to start rewriting Breathe and I noticed a difference in the way I was writing. My style has changed. Not dramatically but changed nonetheless and I am so happy about it. The only problem is, I keep having to looking back at the last draft of Breathe to see what I want to keep and what I want to take out and then when I start writing again I'm back to my old habits. The only thing I can think of to stop myself from writing that way is to have the book next to me while I write, so that anytime I feel myself slipping back to my old style I can pick up the book, read a few pages and start writing again. Here's hoping it works.

Happy writing!


This is not a promise (because I am not good at keep those sorts of things) but June is going to be my new November minus the worry of word count. I need to get this novel finished. I've been working on it for far too long.

This Is The Only Way
Good News
I bought four books yesterday. Sarah's Key by Tatiana De Rosnay, Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin, The House of Tomorrow by Peter Bognanni and Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

Bad News
It looks as though I'll be rewriting Breathe. The story is going absolutely nowhere. When I do edit, which hasn't happened a lot lately, I've been crossing out more than I've been keeping in. The second half especially is pointless part of the book and serves no purpose. So, after giving it some thought , I came to the conclusion, after talking about a new direction for the story with Danielle, that most of it needs to be taken out and rewritten. I cannot believe I'm going to be doing ths but it's the only way I see the novel working out.

In the past I would have just scrapped the novel altogether and started something new. And although that sems very VERY tempting right now, I have been working on this novel since 2010 and I want to see it finished. It's going to be hard work but I have to do it this way.

Book #11 and Not Editing
This week was slightly unproductive. And by that I mean I did not edit. But I did read ... okay I read Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I spend Wednesday and Thursday afternoon finishing The Help. I have now started reading Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen.

I was hoping to get some editing done today but that won't be happening. So instead, I'll wait until tomorrow ... or maybe I'll start again on Monday.

I've Learned to Stop Neglecting Things
It's been way too long. I have unintentionally neglected this blog. In March my internet provider was just not cooperating and sometimes would cut out for days. The upside was that while my internet decided to crap out on me, I spent the time productively. I'd like to say that I spend the month editing, but that would be a lie. I did read though.

During the month of March I read:
Hunger Games (finished that in three days)
Catching Fire (finished in three days)
Mocking Jay (took me longer because it wasn't as interesting as the first two, although the last few chapters were really good)
House Rules (I actually started this in February but stopped because I was reading the first two HG books)
The Fault In Our Stars (I was so happy when I bought it and tried to finish House Rules as quickly as possible so that I could read it)

I started reading The Help also in March and I am still reading it. There are two parts to why it is taking me so long.

Part 1: I regretfully watched the movie before I started the book. I try not to watch movies unless I've read the book but unfortunately I saw the movie. Now every time I try to read the book I see the characters from the movie and it's really distracting.

Part 2: I started editing Breathe again! I need that break from editing and the screaming in my head telling me that the manuscript wasn't worth anything. I have to say that I am glad that I took that time to read during March. There's a lot less screaming in my head and I am able to fix the mistakes I made that I was unable to fix the first few times I edited. I also now know where I want this manuscript to go. I think that I am going to make it a lot shorter so that I can get to the point of the story.

Okay, enough with the rambling. I am going to stop neglecting this blog. Maybe, if I don't post every once in a while, I will try to at least post on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays.

My Feelings About Whitney Houston
Dear Diary

I just finished watching Glee. I'm not going to talk about the actual episode, I just want to say that Mercedes performance of I Will Always Love You made me cry. That song is emotional as it is and I know that they probably taped the show before Whitney died but it made me cry more because of her death. And then at the end when they dedicated it to her made me want to cry again.

I'm not one of those people who is jumping on the "R.I.P Whitney Houston" trains just because she died and I know that most people grew up listening to her and I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I listened to her music last week, but I am one of those people that meant it when I said R.I.P. She, along with, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion were the artists that I listened to when I was growing up. They are all on my computer and from time to time I listen to them.

I'm not going to talk about her drug problems and the like, mainly because I don't know the full story. We only see what the media wanted us to see. I am sad though that her life was cut short by the choices that she made throughout her life.

When I was in high school, I wanted to be a singer but I knew I wouldn't make it because my voice wasn't and still isn't nearly half of what Whitney's was. I wish she didn't take the path that she did. I wish that she had gotten the help that she did because even if she didn't go back to singing, she still could have lived a long life. But as my mother said, "If they don't want the help, their not going to take it."

I am still in disbelieve every time I think about her, but I think that is how it's going to be for a while.

On to the Fourth
I just finished reading The Book of Negroes and going to start reading While I'm Falling by Laura Moriarty. I've also been writing every night. I had a night of writer's block but for the most part writing has been steady.

I think that Beside Me will end up being a novella by the time I'm finished with it. As of right now, it is just over 30,000 words and I think that I am almost finished writing it. To be honest, after writing novels for NaNoWriMo I like writing shorter stories more. I'm a get to the point kind of person. I don't like long drawn out stories.

So Much for One Book A Month
As of today, I have read two books. Taking that Sunday off from writing paid off. By January 12th I finished Where She Went and the next day I started reading Invincible Summer by Hannah Moskowitz. I have now finished reading that and I am going to start reading The Book of Negros by Lawrence Hill. It's a lot longer and finer print than the other two books, so it might take me more than a week to finish it but I'm okay with that.

As far as writing is concerned, it's going ... slowly, but going. I write better after 10pm. Less distractions. Since I am writing Beside Me with good old fashioned pen and paper, I have to spend some days typing up what I've written. And as usual, I tend to procrastinate and wait until 6pm to start that, and then I'm only typing up a page or two.

Progress is slow, but it is progress.

Sundays off and Book Every Month?
I've been wrtiting everyday since the first of January, but I've been thinking that I'll take Sundays off to read and just relax. I do try to read every day but it doesn't always happen since I'm a procrastinator and wait until 10 or 11pm to write. I would read during the day, but there are a lot of distractions. Excuses, excuses, I know.

I am currently reading Where She Went by Gayle Forman, the sequal to If I Stay, which I read a long time ago but never got around to buying the second one. I am not even halfway through the book, which is why I want to take Sundays off from writing and at least have one day to read. I don't know if I am actually going to finish the book before the end of the month, but I am certainly going to try.

There are other books that are included in this list: Invincible Summer by Hannah Moskowitz, The Book of Negros by Lawrence Hill, House Rules by Jodi Picoult and While I'm Falling by Laura Moriarty. If I can buy The Fault In Our Stars by John Green after it is released on the 10th, my book list, for now, will be complete.

Now I have a goal, and I am going to stick to it!

Happy reading, writing or whatever it is that you're doing today.


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